A short introduction on how to taste wine

Today’s world demands more and more. With wine sometimes less is more. Taste is king in this field. Wine is gentle and very charming. Be aware to not overdo it. It gets you after some time. 


In this article, we are going to uncover some key practices on how to taste wine. This is not a strict science, but a more methodical approach. The taste is often related to the mood and the weather. Yea the weather, like the elderly when they say that they feel when the rain is coming. Also, the moon has something in it. 


Cleared the sensorial mess and the feelings associated with this. We can advance in the real game. Beware that in wine tasting the only way is to practice. Do not overdo it.


Prepare a great deal of information about the wine to be tasted. Who is the procurer where the wine is grown and what are the practices he uses? There will be a huge difference between drinking a biodynamic or a conventional wine. We usually check at least the location and sometimes the varieties. When you taste the wine you will know why to inform yourself.  Another great resource is the applications where the wines are listed. You can compare the findings with the users who left comments and ratings. 


The best is to taste wine with friends and then make comparisons. Everybody is different and tastes vary between people. Some like sweet wines, others more eloquent wines. Because of these differences, it is fun to compare and share opinions. Make it a social event and do not forget something to eat.


Here is a small guide for you. It is very slim and helps to start the journey.


Have an interesting time when learning how to taste wine.


Click here to download a Short Wine Tasting Guide PDF

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