Cabernet Sauvignon Premium 2019 wine profile

Tasting notes

Cabernet Sauvignon Premium 2019 grapes were from the sunny western slope of Biljana hill. The vineyard is planted nearby our estate and is called “Podsala”. This is a single-vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon, where the growth of vines is slow and the yield is relatively small, but of very high quality. This vineyard is considered a grand cru for exceptional consistent quality. The color is deep ruby. The flavors are resembling black currant, raspberry, and plums. There are also flavors of well ripen red forest fruits. At the end spices, mint and little black pepper. It has a great body and a long aftertaste.

Vineyard notes

The vineyard “Podsala” is a very sunny west-south facing slope. The combination of flysch and heavy clay soils make this an ideal location for the grapes of Cabernet Sauvignon. In the summer there is plenty of sun and the heavy soils make sure that there is no lack of nutrients and moisture. This vineyard is also specially managed by us with the use of different cover crops and different viticulture practices to ensure a very high quality of grapes. The vines are 35 years old and are trained in a special system developed by us for greater results in this area.

Production notes

The year 2019 was a great vintage, with great conditions for developing a great nee of Cabernet Sauvignon. The average temperatures were moderate. The harvest was a little bit early as usual because of the predictions of heavy rains. The grapes were in perfect condition. It was a nice harvest.

Winemaker notes

On the harvest day, temperatures were relatively low so there was no need to cool the grapes before de-stemming. The fermentation was long. The wine got from the berries some very pleasant and distinct fruity flavors and the right amount of tannins too. When the fermentation was completed the wine was gently pressed and drained in used French and American small oak barrels. The completion of the malolactic fermentation ensured great stability and the perfect match of varietal character and tannings. After balanced aging, the wine was bottled. Because of the excellent grapes, the wine is soft, fruity and delicate with the aging potential of at least 10 years.

wine specs

vintage: 2019

varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon

region: Brda

Acid: 4,8 g/l

ph: 3,8

residual sugar: 1,5 g/l

alcohol: 13 %

serving temperature: 16-20 C