Chardonnay vineyard evening walk. Looking around on the hilltop seeing the alps. The sunny day is expressing its last sunshine hours in an incredible sunset. The fresh snow from last week is shining on the hilltops and you can feel the warmth of the sun. On this marvelous location grows our Chardonnay. The vines testify their story, with all the curves and the thickness of the trunk. Every year is in the vine’s wood history and now after 35 years, the vintages are still and stable. You can feel the minerality of the soil and the warmth of the sun. This southwest location gives a certain mixed experience with this Chardonnay. Good sun exposure can make the wine too strong and burn the aromas. We have to be at the right time with the harvest.
Chardonnay coming from this location is a wine of certain mystery. Being a location on the hill is prone to windy swings. It was common that when we were pruning these vines in the winter we had to leave because of the strong wind. The mixed character of the micro-location gives the wine a certain aura of a sunny warmth with a fresh breeze.
The vines of Chardonnay are the most common in the world. Being this a case to diversify. There is not an identical microclimate in the whole world. So this is a unique location. The sun helps to develop ripe fruits, the primary aromas. The windy location prevents overheating and losing the aromas. Also in this case the wine ages in barrique barrels. It undergoes a malolactic transformation which gives the wine a creamy-buttery texture. The refinement in wood expresses the vanilla and nutty notes. At the end is a complex Chardonnay. Full of character and body ready to be drunk.
It pairs well with fish and pasta. Goes well with white meat and light cheese. It especially excels with foods that are on a base of butter. We had also a great experience with veggies tart.
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