About us

Gentle wine

After years of searching for the gentle taste, we are merging tradition and innovation. In the vineyards we are working with nature. In the cellar we leave the wine to express its real caracter.

We are lead by a vision of friendly cultivation towards persons and nature, so our wines are an exceptional experience.

Rokovi vinogradi

Our story

The golden taste

In the middle of Goriška Brda is the village of Biljana. Our wine house is just under the hill. With a great view over the vineyards, you can see the hill slopes facing west. The warm afternoon summer sun takes care that our grapes are really ripe. Let’s explore the golden taste.

When we were kids our father and grandparents told us stories. There is a mystical place on the top of a hill. It is a land called Boskonovo. From here you can see the whole southern Brda hills. Around this place, it is said that at the times when the Turks were retreating they buried a golden goat. Many people were searching for it. They dug holes in the ground but didn’t find anything. To this day nobody found the golden goat.

We found that our name Rokovi has many meanings, but the root word “Rok” means ram in a local nearby language. We think that after all this time we found the golden goat in the form of the gentle taste of our wines. Our vision is to produce wines that are as close to what is in the essence of the grape. Like the sculptor, Michelangelo said that the sculpture is already in the stone. Our vision is that the wine is already in the grapes. Our wines are done in a way that tries to be as natural as possible. We also have special care for our vines. Using methods of training that they can age well and stay healthy. Some of our vines are also more than sixty years old. With all our passionate work we have found the real gold in the taste of our wines.

Our winery

Land and people for wine

Our mission is to put the passion for nature and wine in the service of our customers delivering an artisan wine. We produce wines with a method that expresses the true
character of the grapes. With fewer interventions as possible.

Our family vineyard is to be found under the Biljana hill in the middle of Goriška Brda. On a sunny day, the whole family gathers outside in the vineyards. The sun, occasional gentle wind breeze, and splendid panoramic views give us joy while working. What drives us forward is combining the tradition – the knowledge of our grandparents with innovation sparkling from our love for great taste and quality. We take special care of our vines. We pride ourselves on producing wines that represent the character of our land and our family’s adventurous spirit.