Malvasia Orange 2020 wine profile

A tribute to our ancient winemaking tradition with special regard to the future. This is a wine that brings the freshness of Malvasia grapes, grown on hillslopes. The taste is fruity and light, very interesting as a full-bodied wine. It was on skins the right time to extract the fresh and fruity aromatics. It will light up the winter days and bring you happiness with every sip. 

The Malvasia Orange from Rokovi is not just a macerated wine it is a journey of taste. Every sip is a discovery of new memories.

Tasting notes
This is a macerated version of Malvasia with a philosophy of minimal intervention. The maceration confines to the wine a very deep color and richer body. The wine was maturated in oak barrels. The taste is incredible: citruses, pears, acacia flowers, apricots, and little refined tannins. A definite winner in terms of taste and it is meant to last. It can be aged for years and it should gain with time.

Pairs well with
Seafood, fresh fish, and salads.

Chilled, wait in the glass to warm up.

Vineyard notes
This vineyard is on a hillslope under the village of Dobrovo. The great view is not just interesting but is oriented to the north helping to make the temperatures cooler during the summer. A great combination of the location and the soils makes these wines so exciting.

Production notes
Malvasia Orange is a tribute to the wines of our grandfathers. They were drinking these wines when playing cards over the table with friends. The vintage 2020 is great little lesser in structure than usual but this is not a downside. On the other hand, this wine is very drinkable and enjoyable. Take special care of it and store it in a dark place, try one bottle after some years and tell me. 

Wine specs
Body: Full,
Sweetness: Dry,
Alcohol: 12,5 %,
Varietal: 100% Malvasia,
Serving temperature: 10-12 C,
Winemaking: very low SO2, vegan, sustainable, bee-friendly

Wine chart