Rebula Fresh 2020 wine profile

Delicate aromatics and a light body with moderate acidity bring joy and refresh the moment. The Rebula was little time on skins to extract the aromatics with a gentle press. The Rebula is a gentle wine, very pleasant and light. Easy drinkable with the potential to make your day better. 

Fresh and lovely, it’s Rebula the wine from our Brda hills.

Tasting notes
Rebula is the trademark of our region Brda. Our wine Rebula has an elegant structure and of course a lean taste. Like other our wines this is also a balanced wine. 

The taste resembles Honey (beeswax), thyme (herb), Lindel (flower), buttery notes, and little minerality. It has a little more astringency than other our wines and is very adaptable to different dishes.

Pairs well with
fish, pasta, fresh salads also go well with our local traditional food.


Vineyard notes
The name of this vineyard is “Pod Cesto”, which menas under the road. This is an ancient vineyard with an interesting story. The vines are 65+ years old and the rows are so close together that special care should be used to work with the tractor. The vines were planted to be worked with oxen.

Production notes
Rebula is famous to be a great fresh wine variety. The vintage 2020 because of its location was well ripe and the wine represents it. It is a must-try Rebula.

Wine specs
Body: Light,
Sweetness: Dry,
Alcohol: 12,0 %,
Varietal: 100% Rebula,
Serving temperature: 10-12 C,
Winemaking: traditional fresh wine, vegan, sustainable, bee-friendly

Wine chart